First IBSA Blind Football Women's World Championships to be held

In a ground-breaking development for the women's game, the IBSA Football Committee is launching a call for bids to organise the first ever world championships for women.

IBSA member organisations are invited to submit a bid to host the 1st IBSA Blind Football Women's World Championsips in 2020. The committee is planning a competition involving between 8 and 10 teams and lasting around 10 days, and the event should be hosted preferibly after the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic games in September.

The move comes after sustained efforts to develop the women's game and women's involvement in blind football over the past two years. This work includes holding a women's camp and tournament in Vienna, Austria, in May 2017, in which 60 girls and women took part, a second camp in Tokyo, Japan, in February this year, and targeted efforts to prioritise the women's game in different regions of the world.

The deadline for bids for the 2020 IBSA Blind Football Women’s World Championships is 16 August 2019. More information, including bid documents, can be found at the IBSA website.