IWBF and People’s Sport Foundation extend partnership for third year

The IWBF and People’s Sport Foundation (PSF) are thrilled to announce the continuation of their partnership for another year, solidifying their commitment to promoting sports for people with disabilities, specifically wheelchair basketball, worldwide.

Since PSF became an Official Supporter of IWBF in April 2022, the two organisations have worked to promote wheelchair basketball and it’s events as a means to transform lives and break down barriers.  Following a highly successful first two years of collaboration, IWBF and PSF have unanimously agreed to extend their partnership, recognising the immense value it brings to wheelchair basketball players across the globe.

Expressing his delight at the partnership extension, IWBF President Ulf Mehrens stated,

“We are delighted that the People’s Sport Foundation have decided to continue their cooperation with IWBF. The support from the foundation assists in facilitating opportunities for wheelchair basketball players across the world to compete and play the game, along with raising the profile of PSF and promoting the exceptional work they do in raising awareness for athletes with disabilities. We believe we can continue to make a significant difference together.”

Dr. Olesya Zaglada, Founder and Vice President of PSF, said,

“It is an honor for us to continue partnership with the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation for another year. Our joint efforts have already had a significant impact on encouraging diversity in sport and giving athletes with disabilities greater opportunities. This extension reaffirms our commitment to breaking down barriers and providing more possibilities for wheelchair basketball players.”

The ongoing partnership between IWBF and PSF aligns with PSF’s goal to develop long-term social and investment programs to assist athletes with disabilities, which complement IWBF’s work in developing the game of wheelchair basketball globally.

Both IWBF and PSF are excited about the continued growth of their partnership and the positive impact it will have on promoting wider para sport and enhancing opportunities for athletes with disabilities.