UCI World Cycling Centre: para-cycling camp at Korean Continental Development Satellite

Para-cyclists from south-east and west Asia trained last week at the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) Continental Development Satellite in Yeongju, Korea.

The first-of-its kind training camp was coordinated by the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, financed by International Paralympic Committee (IPC) funding, and run by the UCI WCC Korean Development satellite. Athletes from Lebanon, Laos, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Thailand made the most of this opportunity.

The athletes from three different sports classes – H, C and B – worked together to improve skills and confidence on the bike, with individual goals ranging from their respective National Championships to the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China (23 September to 8 October).

UCI Para-cycling Coordinator Todd Fraser said that the camp was an ideal training ground for para-cyclists wishing to enter competition at the highest level. While some already had racing experience, Laos and Iraq have not yet been represented at UCI para-cycling events.

Edward Sung Woong Park, who is part of the organisation on the ground in Yeongju, said the progress made by the athletes in just five days had been impressive. The Iraqi athletes had learned to ride comfortably on rollers for the first time while the representative from Laos has improved his times by 15%.

As well as two training sessions a day - mainly on the road – the camp participants attended a course on bike building and maintenance.

Brief explanation of para-cycling sport classes

  • C – Cycle: conventional bike with adaptations if necessary

  • T – Tricycle: three-wheeled bike

  • B – Tandem: for blind or visually impaired athlete with sighted pilot

  • H – Handcycle

Groups C (1-5), T (1-2) and H (1-5) are divided into different sport classes, with the lower the number indicating greater impairment.