WWR are looking for individuals with a legal, medical or classification background

As part of WWR’s ongoing improvements to its governance, the Board revised the WWR Code of Conduct and approved the framework that will deal with its implementation and all disciplinary matters and appeals through a newly formed Independent Judicial System.

As such, WWR are looking for suitable individuals with a legal background and individuals who have experience in classification and anti-doping.

The closing date for applications is 9 June 2023

The Independent Judicial Panel

This is the first occasion that WWR will comprise the Independent Judicial Panel from which Judicial and Appeal Committees will be drawn by the Independent Judicial Chair, Susan Ahern to hear all cases or appeals referred to it under the  WWR Regulations, rules and policies.

  • The Regulations can be found on the website under the “About WWR” section.
  • A role description sets out the criteria against which proposed Judicial Panel Members will be considered.
  • An application form is available to download.

WWR are looking to identify and appoint individuals with the requisite experience. Panel members are divided into two categories: Legal Member and Specialist Member.

  • Legal Members are appointed to chair hearings and lead reviews or investigations
  • Specialist Members are appointed as wing members, to undertake investigations and to contribute to reviews

Judicial Panel members are also assigned to the thematic panels covering the following areas:

  • Appeal Panel
  • Classification Panel
  • Anti-Doping Panel

An implementation date of 1 August 2023 has been targeted and to meet this, one of the important matters to deal with is to recruit and appoint independent panel members so that they can be called upon to act on behalf of the sport globally.

If you have any queries as to the suitability of an individual please contact WWR on the email address – judicial@worldwheelchair.rugby