World Boccia Championships mascot named in honour of Brazilian great

Following a popular survey led by the organizers of the Rio de Janeiro 2022 World Boccia Championships, the championship mascot has been named – DIBO. A blend of “Dirceu” and “Boccia”, a posthumous honor to one of the greatest icons of Brazilian and World Boccia, Dirceu Pinto.

Dibo won with 49% of the votes. Dirceu, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 39 from heart issues, made history in Brazilian Paralympic sport, starting with the Beijing 2008 Games. After winning Gold in the Individuals Events, he got the Brazilian anthem played for the second time in the Pairs Events, along with his partner Eliseu Santos. That was the first time that Boccia was being broadcasted on TV in the country. Four years later, he won two more Golds in London 2012 and, at the Rio 2016 Games, a Silver medal along with the brothers Marcelo and Eliseu.