New IBSA sport Chairs appointed

The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Executive Board have appointed the Chairs for seven sport committees following a call for applications.

The committees are responsible for elements of the management of the sports such as the competition calendar, rules and development.

An application process was launched in October following the election of the new Executive Board, asking applicants to outline their motivations and experience. The board met in early November in Samsun, Turkey, to review all nominees and decide on who would be best to lead each committee for the next four years.

Several existing Chairs were reappointed. These include Sorin Lapadatu for IBSA Chess and Nezam Dodel for IBSA Powerlifting.

Fresh appointments include Elias Mastoras of Greece to the IBSA Football Committee, covering blind and partially sighted football, and Aurora Zanolin of Italy to IBSA Goalball. Janos Tardos, the former Sport Director on the IBSA Judo Committee, will now lead the sport.

Croatia’s Ruza Markesic and Zdenek Barlok of Czech Republic are the new Chairs for ninepin and tenpin bowling, respectively.

The Chair positions for IBSA Showdown and IBSA Torball are vacant.

  • IBSA Football – Elias Mastoras
  • IBSA Goalball – Aurora Zanolin
  • IBSA Judo – Janos Tardos
  • IBSA Chess – Sorin Lapadatu
  • IBSA Ninepin Bowling – Ruza Markesic
  • IBSA Powerlifting – Nezam Dodel
  • IBSA Tenpin Bowling – Zdenek Barlok
  • IBSA Showdown – vacant
  • IBSA Torball – vacant