TableTennisUnited supporting paralympic athletes

The ITTF Group started the TableTennisUnited Fund in 2020 to support the table tennis community worldwide through the ordeals of Covid-19. Once again we have witnessed the power of unity spreading across the Atlantic, as the Fund ensures training continues for players with disabilities in Argentina and Germany during financial droughts caused by the pandemic.

CEDIMA – Centro de Discapacitados de La Matanza

Known to the nation as the seedbed of Paralympic athletes, the Buenos Aires based club CEDIMA is committed to providing a safe training environment to table tennis enthusiasts with physical disabilities.

“During the eight months of compulsory social isolation, the club quickly ran out of funds and we did not receive financial support from the state. We could not afford disinfectants nor equipment to keep training. Our members have great potential, and it hurts to see them losing hope in advancing in their favourite sport”.

Thanks to the TableTennisUnited Fund, the future of Argentine paralympic table tennis is now back in training and we cannot wait for their world debut.

PingPongParkinson Germany

Homing in on Europe, PingPongParkinson Germany opens its door to fellow table tennis lovers with Parkinson’s disease. The association focuses on incorporating table tennis in the rehabilitation of patients, as well as the well-being of their relatives.

Sharing the common belief of the positive impact table tennis has on slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms, TableTennisUnited is happy to support PingPongParkinson Germany with equipment that assists a smooth recovery for those affected.

TableTennisUnited Fund is still open for applications and look to supporting more organisations and individuals in the table tennis community during Covid-19. Donate now to help those in need, or apply for support if you need a helping hand during this crisis.

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By Jia Li, ITTF Foundation